This is who we are

Rev Lorraine Ashdown

Lorraine is the Minister at Bowen Island United Church.

Lynn Williams, Minister of Music

Lynn is the Minister of Music.

Hellen Wallwork, Sunday School

Helen provides Sunday School & is Clerk of Session.

Christina Atkinson, Youth Group Leader

Christina gathers our youth together in person & online.

Reverend Lorraine Ashdown  - 'May you go with the love of God wrapped around you like a cloak: with the companionship and guidance of our teacher Jesus by your side and with the power and fire of the Holy Spirit to empower your journey...'

Lorraine is a long time Bowen Islander and brings an authentic love of the United Church and a desire to create community and sense of belonging. She is also a musician and a photographer. She has a love for Mary Oliver pooems and refers to herself as a “Prairie Girl” even though she left aher home town of Winnipeg fifteen years ago. She graduated from Vancouver School of Theology with a Masters of Arts in Public and Pastoral Leadership and a diploma in Indigenous and Inter-religious Studies. Bowen Island is where her heart calls home. 'Music is how we laugh, cry, and love and be with God together.'